EDICT Tool Suite


The EDICT Core tools enable rigorous analysis of a systems error handling characteristics and dependability properties. 

System Composer

System Composer provides the ability to model the physical and behavioral aspects of the system to support analysis of dependability and error handling.  It works in conjunctions with the OSATE tools to specify the system architecture, the error models used to describe component failures and the error mitigation properties of the system components.

SOC – Specifications, Objectives and Constraints

SOC allows the user to specify the criteria against which analysis results are compared.  Criteria fall into three categories: "Specifications" – represent ridged requirements to which the system must adhere, "Objectives" – represent goals that are desirable in the system but whose achievement may be weighed in trade-off analysis and "Constraints" – represent limitations that must be observed in the design of the system.

System Analyzer

System Analyzer provides the analysis tools to evaluate an architecture based on the criteria set up with SOC.  The System Analyzer can evaluate error propagations throughout the system and the effect of those propagations.

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