Multiple Independent Levels of Security/Safety Tools and Processes

MILS/S certification/recertification will be a costly, burdensome process without enabling capabilities/engineering processes that can be efficiently applied during front-end information system development/advancement activities to help identify/mitigate inherent design/functional discrepancies. In this project WWTG will develop tools/processes to affordably certify and recertify high assurance (safe/secure) information system architectures. 

WWTG's methodology supports a model-driven approach that integrates views and tools for certifying MILS-based systems. Specific advancements are realized through representations of diverse, yet coordinated, behaviors affecting MILS policies and certification as executable models to produce high fidelity, repeatable and readily communicated artifacts. The tool offers the potential to integrate methodologies that heretofore were disparate and performed by expert teams (i.e. security, safety, fault tolerance) into a common tool suite accessible by many stakeholders. Information related to the system description, design and certification follows the system throughout the life-cycle and can be used early in to flag violations/deficiencies and/or used in the optimization of key system operating and design parameters.


The MILS extension to the EDICT tool suite for analysis of multi-level security.


Active Program for AFRL.

KEYWORDS: MILS, Multi-level security, verification, validation, certification