Error Handling For Large Scale Software Systems

WWTG has developed a formal framework with enabling methods and technologies required for error handling operations in large-scale software systems. Our Error Detection Isolation Containment Types (EDICT) tool provides a rich framework for error handling that facilitates comprehensive design and analysis of real-time and safety critical systems. The SAE AADL is used to capture the specification and necessary system description. Using error type checking and propagation analysis, a set of fault detection and isolation principles are established for error handling. An associated group of approaches are developed for extending, modifying, augmenting or interfacing to various system elements in large-scale software architectures. Error containment regions enable specification and analysis properties that can be evaluated and measured. The approach develops a framework that can be readily communicated to designers and users to make the error handling process more efficient and improve policy decisions. The analysis guides implementation of run-time error handling operations and service architecture offer excellent performance.


The EDICT tool and error handling methodology.


Active for OSD/ONR/NRL.


run-time error handling, software intensive, error detection, error recovery



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