High Confidence Software

The embedded control and information systems deployed in complex real-time systems provide a sophisticated set of functions that must deliver safe and dependable mission critical functions. When considering the application domain, safety and system certification activities can become a formidable task in each development spiral. As the system evolves and is maintained, the need to repeat the certification process represents a significant contributor to the life cycle cost structure.

WWTG offers an innovative and practical approach for detailing how high confidence technologies can be implemented within critical embedded control systems, including complex fly-by-wire systems. Our approach centers on the representation of system dependability, safety and certification aspects within a comprehensive system architecture model. This model and a supporting set of analysis tools enable system designers to make effective design trade-offs that lead to reduced overall recertification costs while maintaining the required dependability and safety properties across the complete system life cycle. These tools are equally applicable for the analysis of fielded systems that require increased reliability or availability.


Methodology and tool support.


Active for Navy/NAVSEA.


verification. validation, assurance, software, complexity

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