Security Policy Reconciliation Tool

WWTG will develop enabling tools and processes for performing security policy reconciliation and composition.  The combination of a proven, multi-formalism modeling tool offers a unique opportunity to improve upon the state of the art of security policy analysis and composition of large systems.   This will advance the state of the art beyond devising formal processes and practices but will enable application of these concepts to specific implementations.  It will provide BMDS the ability to integrate computer systems, components and applications to perform an integrated mission implementing cooperative security policies

Specific advancements on the state of the art are realized through: (a) concepts for a formal process for analysis that is developed with a
model-based approach, (b) representations of diverse, yet coordinated, behaviors affecting security policies and certification as executable models to produce high fidelity, repeatable and readily communicated artifacts and (c) a common modeling hub that supports the integration of heterogeneous simulation and modeling technologies through a tool bus technology that supports theorem proving, model checking, simulation, Markov models, Petri Nets, SANs (and more) and is open to integration with third party tools.


Methodology and tool support.


Active for DoD MDA


Security, Policy Analysis, Safety, Architecture Modeling, Global Information Grid (GIG), Multiple Levels of Security,  Certification




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