A Software Hub for Modeling and Analysis

The WW Technology Group (WWTG) Software Hub provides coherent views of system organization and behavior by integrating architectural and analytical models of systems and architectures. We will develop a foundation in the architectural representations of systems that support the integration of modeling and analysis tools, the power of each modeling and analysis tool is retained while ensuring that a consistent view of the overall system configuration is retained.

WWTG extends its EDICT modeling environment by developing the software hub approach using the AADL Open Source AADL Tool Environment (OSATE) that is based on Eclipse, an open development environment perfectly suited for the integration of tool suites. The AADL architectural view of the system provides a common reference for the organization of the system behavioral properties.


Methodology and tool support.


Active for Navy/Office of Naval Research/NRL.


analysis, verification. validation, assurance, software, complexity




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