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Reliable Platform ServicesTM (RPS) middleware enables the development of highly reliable real-time systems based on COTS computing components.  It features:

  • Fault protection services for the complete system, supporting dynamic fault tolerance over changing configurations or operating modes including maintenance and upgrades
  • Reduced life-cycle cost relative to hardware-based fault-tolerance
  • Transparent Fault Detection, Isolation and Removal (FDIR) services
  • Automatic system startup and isolation of faulty components prior to commencing mission activities
  • Uninterrupted delivery of services in the presence of faults
  • Deployment of reliable systems composed of COTS hardware and software components
  • Insulation of hosted applications from details of the hardware platform and operating system environment
  • Compatibility with the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)
  • Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Support

Reliable Platform technology was the basis for the Virginia Class submarine ship control system upgrade and Columbia submarine X-by-wire fault-tolerant architectures that support decades of operation through maintenance and upgrades.

See the Reliable Platform brochure for more details.

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