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Technology Areas

At WW Technology Group (WWTG), we are continually expanding our horizons and developing new products and technologies. Examples of programs successfully undertaken by WWTG from recent years are listed here, along with basic information about the projects. If you are interested in application of our technology, please call or send email.
Model Based Design

  • System Design Tools
  • Architecture Modeling
  • Architecture Analysis
  • Automated Software Analysis
  • Control System Design
  • Validation & Verification
  • Dependable and Secure Computing
  • Multi-Level Security
  • Fault Tolerant Architectures
  • Diagnosis and Error Handling
  • Certification
  • High Performance Computing
  • Multi-Cluster Architectures
  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Discovery Protocols and System Startup
  • Communication Networks

To request more information please contact us.